Celebrating Success at First The Big Fat Notts eCom Lunch

Celebrating Success at First The Big Fat Notts eCom Lunch

This April marked a significant milestone in the East Midlands ecommerce community with the launch of the first-ever Big Fat Notts eCom Lunch in Nottingham, organized by us, Loncom Consulting and out partners Absolute Design. As part of eCom Collab Club, this event set the stage for what promises to be a thriving monthly meet-up for industry professionals.

Event Highlights

Held in the heart of Nottingham, the event drew a diverse group of participants, from seasoned e-commerce veterans to enthusiastic newcomers including agencies, tech and ecommerce brands. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as attendees exchanged ideas and insights. The agenda featured insightful talks from industry leaders who shared trends, strategies, and personal anecdotes about navigating the e-commerce landscape.

Networking was a key component of the day, with structured sessions designed to foster new connections and collaborations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many citing the quality of discussions and the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals as highlights of the event.

Partnership with Absolute Design

Our collaboration with Absolute Design was instrumental in the success of the Big Fat Notts eCom Lunch. Their expertise in digital strategies and creative solutions brought a unique edge to the event, enriching the experience for all attendees.

Attendee Feedback and Video Testimonial

The impact of the event was immediately evident in the glowing feedback from attendees. To capture the vibrant spirit of the lunch, a video testimonial was recorded, featuring participants sharing their experiences and the value they gained. This testimonial will be featured in our promotional materials for future events, offering a glimpse into the dynamic atmosphere of the gathering. Listen to what they had to say via this post.


Future Events

Encouraged by the success of this initial lunch, we are excited to announce that The Big Fat Notts eCom Lunch will now be a regular monthly event as part of the eCom Collab Club. Future sessions will continue to build on the foundation of networking and knowledge sharing, with each event tailored to the evolving needs of the ecommerce community. 

The Big Fat Notts eCom Lunch is more than just a meeting place - it's a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration within the e-commerce industry, proudly brought to you by Absolute Design and Loncom Consulting. Stay tuned to our channels for updates on the next event, and join us as we continue to grow and support the vibrant ecommerce community in the East Midlands.

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