Loncom Consulting was founded to help businesses grow in the digital, data-driven economy. We crunch the numbers, build systems and give tactical support in the areas you need most.

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We work with a wide range of software tools to help you achieve data enlightenment! We tailor the latest CRM, Ecommerce and productivity tools based on data outputs to improve your forecasting and boost your marketing communications and sales.

We believe by putting data first, it provides the right foundation for everything else. Substance before style.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Our team builds and tailors cloud-based systems that manage your customer data, relationships and interactions from a single accessible platform. We are happy to do upgrades, migrations, bespoke coding and plug-in adaptations at affordable prices. Unlock the full potential of a CRM system and make sure you select the right one for your industry.

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Open a global marketplace and reach new customers with an online store. We build powerful and dynamic retail websites that can maximize sales.Do you have retail, distribution and wholesale presence, but no centralized management system? Let us create one place to control your whole business. It’s time to streamline. Make full use of the best product listings, heatmaps and behavior analytics, customer segments, time-limited releases, promotions and discount codes.

Get the algorithm to work for you.

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Data-led communications tools

Deliver more personalized communications to your customers across channels like email, messaging, in-app or web browsing. Through the data you collect we can see clearly who your customers really are and help you create bespoke communications for their individual profile. Say hello to improved conversion, repeat custom and five star reviews. Could your ecommerce, marketing and communications be smarter? If Amazon can do it, then why not you? It all starts with good data management and the right tools

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Data Analysis

Your historical data can help you predict the future. We offer analytics expertise that can help you with sales forecasting, stock control and budgeting. By looking at sales trends we can formulate best and worst case scenarios. By creating a true cost analysis across marketing, production and distribution we can tell where your profit is really coming from. From product lifecycle to life-time value of customers, we can guarantee that investing in predictive analytics will guarantee a ROI through better decision-making.

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Data clean, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Let’s be realistic, we know that not everyone has data skills and that’s why we can help. There is no job too small or too messy for us. What might be difficult for you, is simple for our team. We can help with simple worksheet hacks, coding, pivots and infographics to make your life easier. Likewise we are happy to go through thousands of lines of data to clean-up and make your reporting shiny and new. Many of our clients are SMEs who just need data support on a monthly basis or for a specific task. We try to keep our services affordable and accessible - just ask for a quote.

Why hire a data analyst when you can hire Loncom?

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Still unsure what you need? We will audit your data for FREE (with full NDA).

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I love it, but I do not have enough data

We understand that some new businesses and start-ups might not have the data infrastructure or systems of a bigger player, but that should not stop them in learning and growing by using it. As a team we love being a part of a new idea and we know how to contribute from the data and digital perspective to it. Check out our Micro & SME Business Offering via clicking on the button below...

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