Loncom Consulting has an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to be the best. We serve the SME community because data analytics and digitalization shouldn’t be unaffordable. We strongly believe it should be the foundation of everything you do.

Your success is our success and we grow together.

We help leaders to lead with clearer insights. We help doers do more with better tools.

Our culture

You may have realized that we love data… but we also love people too. Our mission is to search for the truth in your data and then communicate it in a way everyone can understand. This is a skill and why we are unique.

We chose an entrepreneurial life because this fuels our passion to succeed. We have long term clients who retain us and consider us part of their team - but for us, every day, every project is new and exciting.

We solve problems, challenge ourselves to be better and keep learning and growing. Sounds good, eh? Want to join?

  • ... that Kevin De Bruyne hired a data analyst company to map his future contribution to the Manchester City team during contract negotiations? He used benchmarking data to accurately assess his value compared to other players.

  • ... that Paul DePodesta was played by Jonah Hill in Moneyball. The data analytics pioneer revolutionised baseball’s reliance on scouts, focusing instead on scientific analysis of statistics and percentage gains.

Based in the UK and Croatia

We have teams in the UK and Croatia and the reason is simple: there is amazing undiscovered talent in Croatia but not always the opportunities. We decided to change that.

Our founder was educated in the UK and built a life and business networking in the historic city of Nottingham. Before long he found himself recruiting like-minded individuals from Croatia to join the team, and it made sense to create two twin locations to serve clients from around the world.

Alongside our global client base and UK company registration, we are passionate supporters of the digitization of our home country. We are proud to be an EU-approved supplier in services in data analytics and serve Croatian businesses.

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