We realized that while leaders and entrepreneurs need the headspace to make the right decisions, they often lack the time to look at what the numbers are telling them or the insight to know what to prioritize first.

Successful businesses are collecting thousands of data points but are simply too busy to look at them. So we developed a way of doing the data work for them. Cleaning and organizing information, then building and automating better systems.

We change gut feeling into professional strategy and opinions into investment plans to achieve bottom-line growth.

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  • L. Cuthbert | Art of Football | MD

    “We’ve seen an immediate return on investment. Loncom have become an extension of our team.”

  • H. Newton | International Sporting Solutions | MD

    Our Client Relationship Manager system needed improvements as it is our main operating tool, and we are very happy how Loncom adjusted it to our needs.

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Case Study: Art of Football

Shopify automation and data analytics

How did we do it?

Case Study: International Sporting Solutions

Salesforce CRM Development

What did we do?

Range of services

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Our methodology - 3-step process

We create automation, sales tactics and forecasting, inventory, hotel bookings systems, improved customer experience and powerful online stores…


What are your needs? This is the crucial first step of discovering and creating opportunities for growth, optimisation and development.


What is your data telling us? We plan solutions and priorities that are led by carefully analyzed data. We do this bespoke to your business and skills to make sure you can embrace these positive changes.


Let’s do this! There’s no point to knowledge if we don’t act on it. We roll up our sleeves and build the solutions you need. We code, we test, we train, we deliver.

Networking and professional memberships

We are members of various networking communities as we seek to support other businesses with a growth mindset. We are also an approved supplier for EU tenders in digitization.

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Supporting (EU) hospitality businesses to digitize operations

Despite the pandemic, over 80% of small businesses within the EU are failing to make use of the digital productivity tools and Ecommerce channels available to them.

Our support guide will help you understand the need for digitization and the elements you need to consider.

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Some countries in Europe are fifteen years behind the west in terms of digitalisation and Ecommerce tools.

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