Ecommerce Association Croatia Talk

Ecommerce Association Croatia Talk

In March 2023, our CEO had the opportunity to speak at the eCommerce Croatia Association event about the importance of ecommerce data for businesses. As a featured speaker, he shared his insights on how data can be used to make better business decisions and drive growth in ecommerce.

During the event, our client, Art of Football from the UK, also joined him for a panel discussion. They discussed various aspects of ecommerce, and it was great to hear how Art of Football started their journey and how we demonstrated our work together as an example of how to use data in a rapidly growing ecommerce business.

Art of Football
The event was a success, and our CEO was delighted to have the chance to speak at such an incredible gathering. He expressed his gratitude to the eCommerce Croatia Association for organizing the event and to Luke Cuthbert for joining him in his home country. Also it was a brilliant event as our Croatia team members also joined us at the event making it a true and unfirtunately because of the distance, rare Loncom team gathering.

The combination of insightful conversations, delicious food, and good spirits made the experience even more memorable. As an ecommerce data enthusiast, our CEO looks forward to continuing the conversation around ecommerce and hopes to have the chance to speak at future events.

Art of Football x Loncom Consulting
The eCommerce Croatia Association event was a great platform for us to share our expertise and insights on ecommerce data. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated and look forward to more such events in the future. Cheers to the organisers, attendees, and fellow speakers!

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