Elevating Data Hygiene in Education: Stefan Loncar's Insightful Session at The PIE Live, London

Elevating Data Hygiene in Education: Stefan Loncar's Insightful Session at The PIE Live, London

The education sector is on the cusp of a data-driven transformation, with The PIE Live in London serving as a pivotal gathering for thought leaders and innovators. Among the esteemed speakers is our own CEO, Stefan Loncar, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of educational data management. His upcoming session promises to be a highlight for educators and administrators alike, focusing on the critical issue of data hygiene within educational institutions and businesses.

Stefan Loncar's Power-Up Session: "Get Data Fresh! Why Intled Leaders Are Ashamed of Their Data Hygiene"

Scheduled for 19th March at 12:30 PM, Stefan's session is poised to address the often-neglected aspect of data hygiene in the education sector. With a reputation for transforming data chaos into strategic assets, Stefan will share five straightforward strategies to enhance data systems and cultivate a positive, data-driven culture. Attendees can expect actionable insights that not only highlight common data management pitfalls but also provide practical solutions for overcoming them.

The Importance of Data Hygiene in Educational Leadership

In the economy dominated by data, the integrity and organization of this data are paramount. Educational leaders face the daunting task of managing an ever-growing repository of information, from academic records to operational data. Stefan's session aims to illuminate the path to improved data hygiene, offering a roadmap for institutions to leverage their data more effectively and efficiently.

Why Attend Stefan's Session?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Stefan's extensive experience in data management and CRM systems, gaining insights into best practices for data hygiene.
  • Practical Solutions: Move beyond theoretical discussions to implement tangible changes that enhance data management and utilization.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow educators, leaders, and innovators, sharing experiences and strategies for data-driven success in the education sector.

The PIE Live 2024

Event Details

  • Date: 19th March
  • Time: 12:30 PM
  • Location: The PIE Live, London
  • Booking Link: Reserve Your Spot

Stefan's session at The PIE Live in London represents an invaluable opportunity for educational leaders to address the critical issue of data hygiene. By embracing the strategies shared, attendees will be equipped to transform their approach to data management, fostering a culture of efficiency and insight within their organizations.

Don't miss Stefan's transformative session on data hygiene at The PIE Live in London. Secure your tickets now and join a movement towards data-driven excellence in education. 

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