Our CEO, Stefan Loncar Shines at eCom Collab Club Manchester

Our CEO, Stefan Loncar Shines at eCom Collab Club Manchester

On April 16, 2024, the eCom Collab Club Manchester by Rainy City Agency provided a dynamic platform for thought leaders in the ecommerce sector, and one of the highlights was undoubtedly the participation of Stefan Loncar, our CEO. Addressing some of the most pressing issues facing today’s digital markets, Stefan brought a blend of expert insight and practical advice to the panel discussions.

Balancing Data and People in Business

During the panel, Stefan was asked about our company motto, "We love data, but we also love people too," and how businesses can strike a balance between the two. Stefan emphasized that while data is invaluable for making informed decisions, the human aspect cannot be ignored. He pointed out that tensions do exist, as data-driven decisions sometimes seem to contradict the immediate benefits to people. However, Stefan believes that these are not mutually exclusive pursuits. Through constant negotiation and alignment of data insights with employee and customer needs, a company can thrive by fostering a culture that values both equally.

Impact of Workplace Culture on Data Prioritization

Another discussion point revolved around the impact of workplace culture and leadership on prioritizing data-driven profits over human-centric values. Stefan argued that the leadership's vision significantly influences this balance. In environments where leaders value metrics above all, there's a tendency to prioritize data-driven profits. Conversely, in more human-centric cultures, decision-making might lean more towards employee and customer satisfaction. Stefan advocated for a leadership style that integrates both, ensuring sustainable growth and a motivated workforce.

Strategic Networking and Event Participation

The conversation also covered the strategic selection of networking events, a vital component of business development in the ecommerce landscape. Stefan shared his criteria for choosing which events to attend, highlighting the importance of cost, expected ROI, location, and the profiles of the participants. He mentioned that prioritizing events is essential, focusing on those that offer the most substantial benefits in terms of partnerships and learning opportunities, thus ensuring the best use of resources and time.

Stefan's insights at the eCom Collab Club in Manchester not only reflected his deep understanding of the ecommerce industry but also underscored our company's commitment to balancing strategic business growth with genuine human values. His perspectives serve as a guide for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of modern ecommerce environments.

Stay tuned to Loncom News for more updates and insights from industry leaders like Stefan.

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