September: An Eventful Month for Loncom Consulting

September: An Eventful Month for Loncom Consulting

September has been an incredibly eventful month for Loncom Consulting. Our team has been on the move, attending a series of significant events in the industry. From the UK to Croatia, we've been everywhere, soaking in brilliant ideas and technologies, educating ourselves, and networking with amazing people.

Events We Attended

eCom Collab Club - London, UK

This event was a hub for e-commerce agencies and technology partners. We had the opportunity to listen to what Depict is in the world of ecommerce fashion, and network with some familiar and new faces. Next eCom Collab Club is on 25th October and we will for sure be there.

The Marketing Meetup - Nottingham, UK

This meetup was a great platform for marketing professionals to discuss the latest trends and strategies in the world of emails. The speakers shared some valuable hints and tips on how to write a good marketing email, so it would interesting to listen how decision making is influenced by data when performing marketing activities.

The PIEoneer Awards - London, UK

An event that celebrates innovation and achievement in international education. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees in all categories, you are really making a difference in the HE sector! 

Loncom Consulting

Ecommerce Expo - London, UK

This expo was a treasure trove of the latest technologies and solutions in ecommerce. We were particularly interested in how data analytics can optimize ecommerce operations, a service we excel in at Loncom Consulting. Both days were filled with exciting and interesting talks from industry specials, so we are definitely including this event in our calendars next year.

CRO Commerce - Zagreb, Croatia

Held in beautiful Croatia, this event focused on AI in ecommerce. As Loncom Consulting is a premium member of Ecommerce Association Croatia who organized the event, it would brilliant to explore the Croatian market even further and how our services and experience can make a difference.

Key Takeaways

1. Brilliant Ideas and Technologies: We came across various innovative solutions that align well with our data-driven approach to business solutions.

2. Education: The events served as a learning platform, enhancing our understanding of different sectors.

3. Networking: We met a lot of amazing people, opening doors for many future collaborations.

September has been a whirlwind of activities, learning, and networking for Loncom Consulting. We are excited to implement the knowledge we've gained to better serve our clients.

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