Big Commerce x Loncom

Big Commerce x Loncom

At Loncom Consulting, we're always looking for ways to better serve our clients and help them grow their businesses. That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with BigCommerce, one of the leading e-commerce platforms available today.

BigCommerce is a powerful, user-friendly platform that allows businesses of all sizes to create and manage their own online stores. With a range of built-in features, including customizable storefront templates, easy-to-use product management tools, and powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, it's a great choice for businesses looking to sell their products online.

As a BigCommerce partner, we're able to offer our clients a range of services to help them make the most of this powerful platform. Our team of experts has experience of working with BigCommerce and can provide everything from store setup and customization to ongoing support and maintenance.


One of the key advantages of using BigCommerce is its robust reporting and analytics capabilities. With BigCommerce, businesses can track key metrics like sales, traffic, and conversion rates, and use that data to make informed decisions about their marketing and sales strategies. Our team can help businesses set up custom reports and dashboards to track the metrics that matter most to them, and provide ongoing data analysis and insights to help them optimize their online stores and drive more sales.

In addition to reporting and analytics, we offer a range of other services to help businesses get the most out of BigCommerce. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our clients' online stores are always running smoothly.

At Loncom Consulting, our goal is to help businesses succeed by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to grow and thrive in today's fast-paced digital world. Our partnership with BigCommerce is just one more way we're working to achieve that goal, and we're excited to offer this powerful platform to our clients.

If you're interested in learning more about how Loncom Consulting and BigCommerce can help you grow your business, please contact us today. We'd be happy to discuss your needs and help you develop a customized plan to achieve your goals.

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