Seamless Migration from Copper CRM to HubSpot

Seamless Migration from Copper CRM to HubSpot

At Loncom Consulting, we recently celebrated a significant achievement: a seamless migration from Copper CRM to HubSpot for a B2B company. This project highlights our expertise in CRM integration and data migration, showcasing our ability to handle complex transitions efficiently.

The Challenge: Migrating a Substantial Database

Our client, with an extensive database of around 10,000 contacts, 1,000 deals, and 8,000 companies, along with notes, tasks, and files on Copper CRM, required a more robust and efficient CRM solution. After thorough analysis and consultation, we identified HubSpot as the ideal alternative.

The Solution: Efficient and Rapid Transition

The migration process was a blend of HubSpot's Copper CRM data sync capabilities and custom migrations through API and CSV files. This approach ensured a flawless transfer of critical business data. The entire transition was completed within an impressive timeframe of just one week.

Beyond Migration: Comprehensive Onboarding and Implementation

Our commitment to our client's success extended beyond the migration process. We provided comprehensive onboarding and initial implementation of HubSpot, setting the foundation for enhanced efficiency and growth.

The Outcome: A Testament to Tailored Solutions

This project stands as a testament to our dedication to providing customized solutions that align with our clients' unique needs. We ensured minimal disruption during the transition while maximizing the benefits of the new CRM system.

If you're considering upgrading your CRM system or need a custom solution for your business, Loncom Consulting is here to make your data work for you. Our expertise in CRM integration and data migration can help your business transition smoothly and efficiently.

If you are looking to migrate from Copper CRM to HubSpot, contact us today!

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