Leveraging Data-Driven Marketing: A New Partnership Between Loncom Consulting and Profit Driven Marketing

Leveraging Data-Driven Marketing: A New Partnership Between Loncom Consulting and Profit Driven Marketing

In a recent video discussion, our CEO, Stefan from and Theo Clark from Profit Driven Marketing (PDM) delved into the strengths of their new partnership and the value that PDM’s data-driven marketing solutions bring to ecommerce businesses. This collaboration aims to enhance business operations by leveraging comprehensive data insights and innovative marketing strategies.

Watch the full discussion on YouTube here.

Personal Background and Journey

Theo Clark shared his inspiring journey into the world of ecommerce. Initially motivated by the desire for financial and location freedom, Theo ventured into high-ticket dropshipping and successfully scaled his business using Google Ads. His experience and success in digital marketing led him to become a mentor and eventually co-found PDM with Joe, the former CMO of SV Media. Theo emphasized the importance of aligning strengths and maintaining regular communication with his co-founder, Joe, to navigate the challenges of remote work.

The Importance of In-Person Meetings

While remote work offers flexibility, Theo highlighted the critical role of occasional in-person meetings. These sessions help strengthen personal and professional relationships, allowing co-founders to reflect on progress, realign goals, and discuss broader topics beyond daily work tasks.

PDM's Unique Selling Propositions

Comprehensive Audits

PDM stands out by offering detailed, free audits of potential clients' advertising accounts and backend processes. These audits help identify growth opportunities and outline a strategic three-month plan tailored to the client's needs.

Performance-Based Pricing

PDM prefers a performance-only pricing model, charging a percentage of the revenue generated from their campaigns. For clients with limited advertising data, they start with a fixed-cost model for the first 90 days before transitioning to the performance model. This approach ensures that PDM's success is directly tied to their clients' success.

Data-Driven Approach

PDM's focus is on accurately tracking and attributing data to optimize advertising campaigns based on revenue rather than just lead volume. This data-driven approach ensures more effective and efficient use of advertising budgets.

Examples of Data-Driven Success

Theo shared a compelling case study of a client who was spending £10,000 a month on Google Ads without proper tracking or attribution. PDM implemented accurate tracking, connecting Google Ads data to the client's CRM to identify high-quality leads and revenue sources. This strategy allowed for better optimization and more effective allocation of the advertising budget.

Challenges and Focus Areas

Consistent Lead Flow

One of PDM's ongoing challenges is maintaining a consistent lead flow and pipeline. They are exploring various strategies, including partnerships, funnel optimization, and running their own paid ads, to ensure steady business growth.

Diversification of Acquisition Channels

To avoid over-reliance on referrals, PDM aims to diversify their acquisition channels. This strategy will help maintain a stable flow of new clients and support sustained growth.

Tech Insights

Server-Side Tracking

Theo emphasized the importance of server-side tracking for better attribution of customer journeys and touchpoints across multiple channels. Solutions like Triple Whale play a crucial role in this process.

CRM Integration

Seamless integration between Google Ads and CRMs is essential for improving data flow and attribution accuracy. This integration helps businesses make more informed decisions based on comprehensive data insights.

Partnership with Loncom Consulting

Stefan and Theo discussed the immense value of their partnership, which combines PDM's expertise in marketing data with Loncom Consulting's operational data analysis. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive insights and support to ecommerce brands, enhancing their overall performance and decision-making capabilities.

Future Outlook

Both Stefan and Theo see a bright future for their partnership, leveraging their combined strengths to deliver better results for their clients. They are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings and are committed to driving business growth through data-driven strategies.

Fun and Quick Questions

  • Magic Wand Wish: Theo's wish for a direct API that seamlessly connects Google Ads with CRMs without needing intermediary apps highlights the ongoing challenges in achieving perfect data integration.
  • Coolest Project: Working with Cheese Geek, a brand featured on Dragons' Den and invested in by Steven Bartlett, stands out as one of Theo's most exciting projects.
  • What's Hot and What's Not: Theo acknowledges that while ecommerce may not be everyone's dream career, it remains a hot industry with significant opportunities for those involved.

The discussion between Stefan and Theo underscores the strength of their partnership and their shared commitment to leveraging data for business growth. By combining data-driven marketing and operational analysis, Loncom Consulting and Profit Driven Marketing are well-positioned to help ecommerce brands optimize their strategies and achieve greater success.

Watch the full discussion on YouTube here:


This discussion underscores the commitment of both Loncom Consulting and PDM to driving customer success through innovation and collaboration. Stay tuned for more insights and transformative solutions from our partnership.

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