Strengthening Ecommerce Operations: A Partnership Chat with

Strengthening Ecommerce Operations: A Partnership Chat with

Introduction to the Partnership

In a recent video discussion, Iain Coplans, CEO of, and our CEO, Stefan, delved into the strengths of their long-term partnership and the value that’s software solutions bring to ecommerce businesses. This collaboration is built on a shared vision of simplifying and optimizing business operations for retailers and wholesalers through innovative software solutions.

Watch the full discussion on YouTube here.

Overview of's Software Capabilities is renowned for its comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to streamline warehouse management, order management, and product information management. Iain elaborated on the core functionalities of’s software, emphasizing how it integrates and enhances various operational aspects:

  • Warehouse Management:’s software facilitates efficient inventory tracking and order management across multiple locations. It supports a paperless warehouse environment, ensuring smooth and error-free operations.
  • Order Management: The system seamlessly integrates sales orders from diverse channels, including retail points of sale, ecommerce platforms, and field sales. This consolidation simplifies order processing and enhances accuracy.
  • Product Information Management: centralizes all product data, including custom metadata and tags, and maps this information across different sales channels. This ensures consistency and accuracy in product listings.
  • Simplifying Tech Stacks: By consolidating multiple functionalities into one platform, reduces the need for integrating various apps, simplifying the overall technology stack for businesses.

Evolution of and Market Needs

Iain shared the evolution of, from its inception as a solution to challenges faced in running a digital agency to becoming a robust enterprise solution for large retailers and wholesalers. Key points included:

  • Founding Background: Iain’s journey began with the realization that retailers needed integrated software solutions to manage their operations efficiently. This led to the development of
  • Challenges in Market Positioning: As’s software evolved to meet the complex needs of larger businesses, the company continuously reassesses its market positioning and value proposition.
  • Broad Functionality:’s software now handles high-volume order management and inventory across diverse channels, solidifying its position as a comprehensive enterprise solution.

Real-World Applications and Customer Success

The discussion highlighted several real-world applications of’s software, showcasing its impact on client operations:

  • Real-Time Inventory Control: Clients benefit from real-time inventory management across various sales channels, allowing for quick and informed decision-making.
  • Efficiency in Warehousing: The software supports efficient, paperless picking and packing processes, essential for high-volume operations.
  • Customer Success Stories: Iain highlighted the successful partnership with the fashion brand Cortez, managing high order volumes and integrating various operational facets seamlessly.

Challenges and Strategic Goals

Despite its successes, faces challenges in defining its market role due to its extensive feature set. Key challenges and future goals include:

  • Market Positioning: Continuous evaluation of pricing strategies and market messaging to effectively communicate’s value proposition.
  • Future Developments: Developing new features, such as a manufacturing module, to further position as a robust ERP system capable of competing with larger ERP providers.

Partnership Benefits and Future Outlook

Stefan discussed the benefits of the partnership with

  • Loncom and Partnership: The synergy between Loncom’s data analysis services and’s software provides comprehensive solutions to clients, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.
  • Mutual Growth: Both companies anticipate a bright future, leveraging each other’s strengths to deliver enhanced services and support to their clients.

The partnership between and Loncom Consulting underscores a commitment to providing integrated solutions that simplify complex business operations.’s ease of use, real-time inventory control, and comprehensive functionality, combined with Loncom’s data-driven insights, offer a powerful toolset for ecommerce businesses aiming for operational excellence.

Watch the full discussion on YouTube:

Highlight Short Questions by Iain

  • Magic Wand Wish: Iain’s wish for world peace reflects the current turbulent times.
  • Coolest Project: Working with the fashion brand Cortez is highlighted as an exciting and dynamic project.
  • What's Hot and What's Not: Data analysis remains a hot topic, while the proliferation of multi-channel platforms has slowed.

This discussion underscores the commitment of both and Loncom Consulting to driving customer success through innovation and collaboration. Stay tuned for more insights and transformative solutions from our partnership.

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