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Micro & SME Business Packages

Micro & SME Business Packages

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We believe that micro and SME businesses should have access to affordable data analysis and digitalization services. That's why our product is popular among SMEs. Contrary to what you may think, even if you're a SME business, you need special automations, integrations, and analysis to succeed. After all, 99% of businesses in Europe fall under the SME category, and they are the backbone of the economy. They deserve the same access to services as large companies.

Our product is ideal for startups and those who are just starting out. We will work closely with you to identify and capitalize on all the unique data and digital opportunities for your business. We have made our pricing cheaper than our higher packages, but that does not mean that we compromise on quality.

We offer three different packages:

  • Consulting: This package includes a weekly call with our CEO who will guide you on how to optimize your data and digital tools.
  • Consulting + Data Analysis + Automation + Integrations: This package includes a weekly call with our CEO, automation and integration of your chosen system, and analysis on your collected data.
  • Full: This package is for those who have a problem with data or digital tools. We will help you develop it.

All our packages are available at a monthly retainer payment. This is an ongoing monthly support package.

If you have any questions about how this works, please contact us. We will book a call and explain it in detail.

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