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One Report from Multiple Platforms

One Report from Multiple Platforms

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Nowadays, managing a business requires utilizing various technologies to achieve maximum output. CRMs, ERPs, ecommerce platforms, POS systems, Google Analytics, and many more are some of the tools used to keep track of activities and collect data. However, when it comes to putting all the data together into a single report, it can be a tedious process of exporting, manual cleaning, clustering, and formatting the data for readability.

With our product, we utilize open APIs of various systems to generate an automated report that compiles statistics from multiple platforms into one cohesive report. This way, we save you time and present only the crucial information for easier and more efficient decision-making.

This product complements our Dashboards product as it presents statistics in an easy-to-read dashboard format. Check it out here for more information.

If you're uncertain about which products you need, consider our Ecommerce Audit option. We'll help you identify problems, areas of growth, and determine how our team of ecommerce experts can assist you.

Still unsure about what you need? Contact us, and we'll schedule a short discovery call to assist you.
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